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Company details with contact form

We would be pleased if you tell us what you enjoy about our offer and our website or what you miss.
Thank you very much for that.
We cannot enter into correspondence about the various methods of hair care or hair coloring.
We do not have any catalogs. All information known to us is listed on the individual websites.
Below all of our company details with address and account numbers.

Contact form




Your answer can be obtained at the registered email address, as this form as confirmation.

Company details

The individual models can not be made more information. All we know you will find information on our website.

MWST Nr. 449 993

Company Identification Number
CHE-104.896.224 MWST


euroSIC Clearing Nummer: 09000
IBAN: CH80 0900 0000 8776 4568 5
Swiss Post, PostFinance, Nordring 8, CH 3030 Bern

Our address

Zudila Limited
Krokusweg 6
CH 8057 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 310 14 25
Call us for questions about wigs. Our office is not staffed all the time.

Data protection

All personal data received will only be used by us. All data received from this website is analysed statistically, but anonymously, by various services of Google and similar providers. We also use cookies for this purpose. If there is any correspondence or business transaction, it is mandatory that we keep the data for ten years. Upon request, we will inform you of all the data we have stored about you.

Payment Options
The payment options:Cash in advance
on postal accountCash in advance
Remit us the amount to our
PostFinance account:
euroSIC Clearing number: 09000
IBAN: CH80 0900 0000 8776 4568 5
Swiss Post
Nordring 8
CH-3030 Berne
You will receive from the Company a PayPal payment request.
You pay it to PayPal (bank transfer, credit cards).
After paying, we get the message that you have paid and we will send you the products.